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When you think of a clubhouse you think of a pleasant place where people come to hang out on the free time, for leisure and as part of life.

If you think of where the clubhouse meant when we were younger was a place to explore our creativity and spend time with people like.

So why not create such a facility, where we as adults with busy schedules, can come together to get our workout in, to socialize with like-minded individuals, work on our personal development and improvement, and maybe simply have a place to work that’s outside of our home.

When you think of clubhouse you think of friends. The quality of people that we surround ourselves will determine the quality of life that we are living

We wanted to create a comfortable slightly tropical ambiance that is both relaxing on the lounge side and energizing on the fitness side.

We wanted to incorporate as many earth elements as we could in our club to echo the nature and the outdoors and bring them inside for all seasons, especially the Canadian winter.

It is a hub for all things Fitness, nutrition and personal development, built around social events and community.

This is what makes clubhouse more than just a fitness Facility or a health club, and a lot more valuable than just a Social Club.

We believe improving one area of your life will help to improve other areas of our life - This is why we also host seminars, book clubs, transformation challenges, workshop seminars, placement and community service opportunities all under one roof.

Because It’s more than just working on our physical body, it’s about creating positive habits and lifelong transformations in every area of our lives.

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