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Welcome to Clubhouse Toronto, where we blend a vibrant co-op workspace with a dynamic Social Wellness Club at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto. More than just a workspace, our mission is to enhance mental wellness through fitness, arts, and social events, fostering a unique and enriching experience. Join us to connect, grow, and support one another in the heart of the city. Follow us for updates on events, activities, and community highlights—your journey to holistic well-being starts here!

1. Is there a noise level restriction?


Our Wellness Hub boasts exclusive occupancy of the building, providing an unrestricted environment without any noise level limitations.


2. Until what time can we remain on the premises?


Closing time is at 2 am, with a courtesy period for guests to conclude gatherings and collect personal belongings.

3. What is encompassed in the pricing?


The hourly rate includes social wellness hub rental furnishings, and a comprehensive cleanup fee. For daily rates, additional inclusions consist of the sound system, lighting, lasers, and a projector.


4. What amenities are available in the kitchenette? Can we warm up food?

Our kitchenette features a sink, deep freezer, mini fridge, and a dedicated bar/prep area.  While lacking an oven, we provide a compact toaster oven for reheating purposes.

5. Is there elevator accessibility?

Unfortunately, our facility does not have elevator access.

6. May vendors deliver items in advance of the event?

Certainly, arrangements can be coordinated to facilitate early vendor deliveries.

7. How many additional chairs and tables are available?

We provide 8 folding tables and approximately 40-50 folding chairs for your event needs.

8. What audio equipment and speakers are provided?

Our sound system comprises an Allen & Heath 16-channel mixer, two concert-grade Yorkville speakers with a sub, and two cordless microphones.

Connect With Us !

Location: 643 Yonge Street, Toronto Ontario

Phone Number:

Amar: (647) 323 - 0366

Vinush: (647) 267 - 4283

Emily: (519) 992- 0685

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